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Industerial Broken Needle Detector 50-60Hz Professional Metal Detectors

Product Details

Place of Origin: CHINA

Brand Name: SHANAN

Certification: CE, ISO

Model Number: VFG-800P

Payment & Shipping Terms

Minimum Order Quantity: 1 set

Price: negotiation

Packaging Details: Box

Delivery Time: 15work days

Payment Terms: T/T

Supply Ability: 100 set/month

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broken needle detector


garment needle detector


garments manufacturing broken needle detector

Tunnel Size:
Carton Box Needle Detection
Detection Level:
1-12 Levels
Alarm Method:
Sound/light Alarm And Return, Then Restarts Again
Power Supply:
Ac110V/ 220V 50-60Hz
Pated Output:
2 Years
2.0mm Fe
Data Printer Report:
Tunnel Size:
Carton Box Needle Detection
Detection Level:
1-12 Levels
Alarm Method:
Sound/light Alarm And Return, Then Restarts Again
Power Supply:
Ac110V/ 220V 50-60Hz
Pated Output:
2 Years
2.0mm Fe
Data Printer Report:
Industerial Broken Needle Detector 50-60Hz Professional Metal Detectors

Conveyor belt needle detector  Textile needle detector/ textile metal detector
To make sure that all garments manufacturing unit are free of any broken needle or other metal parts which could cause injury to a person handling the product at any stage of the operation.
All garments that need to be checked for metal is passed through metal detecting machine in the finishing department and else where as maybe applicable.
Finishing Manager will ensure that all garments that are required to undergo metal detection is checked for metal and the Manager QA must ensure that the work is conducted adequately and at all times.
Broken Needle Control Log and Metal Detection Procedure:
I am advising to implement a set of guidelines and rules to be followed to ensure the policy is achieved. This is backed up with documentation and regular checks at the factory level. The following is the detailed outline of the procedure:
1. Needle and Metal Contamination Policy
Needle and Metal Contamination Policy ensures that all its products are free of any broken needle or unwanted sharp metal parts. The Needle and Metal Contamination Policy is divided into two phases:
1.1 Prevention
1.2 Detection
1.1 Prevention:
Broken Needle Control Log Procedure is applicable to produce Target products where needle operations are involved.
Broken Needle Log Control Procedure:
Every factory that uses any type of needle operation, regardless of product, is required to comply with the Broken Needle Control Log procedure.
• The Broken Needle Control Log should include:
o Date/Time of Incident
o Production Line
o Operation
o Operator
o Machine Type/Machine ID
o Mount Broken Needle
o Panel/Garment Destroyed – Yes or No
o Mechanic‘s signature and Date
• Every factory must maintain a controlled needle inventory system and a broken needle control log.
• This log should include all broken parts or damaged needles along with any corrective action taken.
• Each sewing machine should have an ID (identification number).
• Needle replacement should be done only by designated factory personnel (e.g. inline supervisor, mechanic, needle log supervisor, etc.) to provide a log recording all parts of a broken needle have been accounted for.
• Note: Sewing operator should not have free access to spare needles.
• Production work areas are to be kept clear of unnecessary sharps (e.g. scissors, razor blades, staples, pins and loose metal parts).
• Machines and/or operators which continue to have broken needle issues should be reviewed and appropriate corrective action taken.
• Machines and their surrounding areas should be checked daily for needle and/or metal contamination.
• For products where a needle/metal detector is mandatory
• In the event of a needle breaking during any sewing operation, the panel or product piece being sewn should be retrieved from the production line and checked for broken parts.
• Broken parts should be sealed on the broken needle log control sheet indicating all details listed above.
• If all broken parts are not accounted for, contaminated panels or product pieces should be passed through the needle detector. If the needle detector still detects metal parts and if after further investigation, the pieces cannot be found, the panel or product pieces should be destroyed and recorded on the log.
Factory product safety officer must check if Needle and Metal Contamination Policy is being followed by checking:
• Needle Inventory System
• Broken Needle control log for accuracy and integrity of the records.
• Sewing machines have ID number and are verified against the Needle Inventory System and Broken Needle control log.
• Check machine oil sump for any broken parts and surroundings for loose metal parts.
• Check that sewing operator does not have access to needles and unnecessary sharps by verifying machine surrounding and drawers.
Function :

  1. Top advanced CPU system inner control. Can process the detect signal aromatically.Then transfer the signal to show on the Touch screen display .CPU according to customer requirement alarm automatically.
  2. Full touch screen display .Clear and accuracy show the detect action and details
  3. Test result print function .Takes of Epson print . The data can keep for a long time.
  4. Takes of High feature strong magnet make sure the detect result stable and accuracy .

General Specifications
● Equipped with Vfinder microcomputer chips from USA for digital signal management, it can analyze the different channel signals and improved the detection reliability.
●Special inducing design in the detection field, the sensitivity and anti-disturbance ability are greatly improved, and it is not disturbed by the environment.
● Unique inducting design of balanced magnetic field to meet the needs of different clients, especially for the detection of garment accessory.
● With digital display in Chinese, touching screen of films. It is convenient for operation and management.
● The perfect combination of powerful functions and simple operation is also a friendly philosophy of design.
● Equipped with the intellectual location displaying system, which can indicate the location of the needle.
● The intellectual counter system can calculate the qualified and unqualified objects amount.
● Equipped with safe lock only, which can lock the sensitivity, so that it is convenient for management.
● Digital sensitivity regulation, the induction strength can show the disturbance and Iron content.
● Equipped with light control automatic alarm and automatic power off function.
Parameter :

Detection methodMagnetic process
Detection ability≥FeΦ0.8≥FeΦ0.8≥FeΦ1.0≥FeΦ1.2≥FeΦ1.5
Detection Height100mm120mm150mm200mm200mm
Detection widthNet width 600mm-non-standard sizes(custom)
Detection adjustmentTouch screen adjust the level 1-12
Alarm methodSound/light alarm and return, then restarts again
Power supplyAc220V 50-60Hz
Pated output140W
Machine SizeL1820mm×W1050mm×H900mm

Use Range :
Garment .Textile.underwear .towel. Sanitary and so on industry .
1. Are you manufacturer or trader?
We are manufacturer, we have own factory in Dong Guan, we have independent department for purchasing, producing, processing, testing, packing, storing , and transportation, believe our team is best team in china.
2. Do you sell the accessories for Products ?
Yes. We have Match the parts for our testing equipment. If our machines damages by fire, water flood, earthquakes, unsteady of power and other natural disasters, we are willing supply match parts with lowest price for you.
3. How about the packing for product? Is it easy damaged during transportation?
For heavy structure products like conveyor belt needle detector. Food metal detector X ray machine .Our packing is Standard Export ploy Wooden Case.
Every prepackage have a plastic bags cover .
4. What’s your main product?
We professional in needle detector. Metal detector. X ray machine and other related electronic products and machines
5. Where is your main sales market?
Our needle and food metal detector mainly customers are from Australia. USA. All Europe and Asia
6.How about your after-sales policy?
Customer first is our always principle . All of our products normal warranty is 12months. We give necessary back or video guidance for daily problems. If massive products occur big quality problems. Our technical and engineer support overseas service .
7.Do you accept customer Logo and customized ?
we accept kinds of customized and logo of all of our products for customers
8. What is your usually payment term :
We accept LC, TT .western union .Money Gram .Paypal.Alibaba trade assurance etc payment
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