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Broken needle detector for shoes , garment , textile , fabric

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Place of Origin: China

Brand Name: SHANAN

Certification: CE, ISO

Model Number: VFG-5016

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Minimum Order Quantity: 1 set

Price: Negotiation

Packaging Details: strong polywooden case

Delivery Time: 5-7 working days after confirm order

Payment Terms: T/T

Supply Ability: 100 set/month

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needle inspection machine


broken needle detector

Conveyor Needle Detector
Detection Adjustment:
Level 1-12
Alarm Method:
Sound/light Alarm And Return, Then Restarts Again
Power Supply:
Tunnel Size:
0.8mm Ferrous Above
Conveyor Needle Detector
Detection Adjustment:
Level 1-12
Alarm Method:
Sound/light Alarm And Return, Then Restarts Again
Power Supply:
Tunnel Size:
0.8mm Ferrous Above
Broken needle detector for shoes , garment , textile , fabric

Broken needle detector for shoes , garment , textile , fabric
1. Needle and Metal Contamination Policy
Needle and Metal Contamination Policy ensures that all its products are free of any broken needle or unwanted sharp metal parts. The Needle and Metal Contamination Policy is divided into two phases:
1.1 Prevention
1.2 Detection
1.1 Prevention:
Broken Needle Control Log Procedure is applicable to produce Target products where needle operations are involved.
Broken Needle Log Control Procedure:
Every factory that uses any type of needle operation, regardless of product, is required to comply with the Broken Needle Control Log procedure.
• The Broken Needle Control Log should include:
o Date/Time of Incident
o Production Line
o Operation
o Operator
o Machine Type/Machine ID
o Mount Broken Needle
o Panel/Garment Destroyed – Yes or No
o Mechanic‘s signature and Date
• Every factory must maintain a controlled needle inventory system and a broken needle control log.
• This log should include all broken parts or damaged needles along with any corrective action taken.
• Each sewing machine should have an ID (identification number).
• Needle replacement should be done only by designated factory personnel (e.g. inline supervisor, mechanic, needle log supervisor, etc.) to provide a log recording all parts of a broken needle have been accounted for.
• Note: Sewing operator should not have free access to spare needles.
• Production work areas are to be kept clear of unnecessary sharps (e.g. scissors, razor blades, staples, pins and loose metal parts).
• Machines and/or operators which continue to have broken needle issues should be reviewed and appropriate corrective action taken.
• Machines and their surrounding areas should be checked daily for needle and/or metal contamination.
• For products where a needle/metal detector is mandatory
• In the event of a needle breaking during any sewing operation, the panel or product piece being sewn should be retrieved from the production line and checked for broken parts.
• Broken parts should be sealed on the broken needle log control sheet indicating all details listed above.
• If all broken parts are not accounted for, contaminated panels or product pieces should be passed through the needle detector. If the needle detector still detects metal parts and if after further investigation, the pieces cannot be found, the panel or product pieces should be destroyed and recorded on the log.
Factory product safety officer must check if Needle and Metal Contamination Policy is being followed by checking:
• Needle Inventory System
• Broken Needle control log for accuracy and integrity of the records.
• Sewing machines have ID number and are verified against the Needle Inventory System and Broken Needle control log.
• Check machine oil sump for any broken parts and surroundings for loose metal parts.
• Check that sewing operator does not have access to needles and unnecessary sharps by verifying machine surrounding and drawers.
1.2 Detection:
Needle/Metal Detector to be placed in appropriate places especially at the finishing department to check for needle or small metal parts for all garments produced at Garments prior to packing.
• Garments must have needle detection machines and must ensure all productions if required by the buyer passes through the needle detector.
• The Needle Detector should be placed in a controlled area to ensure there is a clear demarcation of the product that has passed through the needle detector, and those which does no not.
• The controlled needle detection area should be established so that no finished product can move to the packing/finishing area with out being passed thru the needle detector in advance.
• Note: Do not permit any metallic tools or fixtures in this area or on the person operating the machine. Keep all unnecessary metal away from this area.
• The Needle Detector must work at a minimum sensitivity level of 1.0 mm diameter.
• A 9 point calibration procedure must take place a every hour basis.
• Units should be placed on the automated conveyor belt allowing it to pass through the detector head without manipulation.
• Detector should be calibrated by the authorized person only
• Never force the product through the detector head
• Product must pass through detector without operator assistance
Company introduce:
Vfinder is a manufacturing company specialized in the design, engineering and production of Metal Detectors .check weigher .needle detector and Electromagnetic Inspection Devices.we offering solution for food industry ,Pharmaceutical industry , Textile garment industry ,Rubber industry .Tory industry where the factory need help to control their quality for find broken needles and metals .
Under our solution and machine support our valued customer can accreditation with the FDA ,ISF ,HACCP even FCCA request and requirement .
Meanwhile we strongly support the all the world public security career.with our support by our product of walk through metal detector and x ray baggage scanner . So many public can be safety , so many dangerous products can been keep away from public people .
Dong Guan V finder electronic technology co;ltd is a professional needle detector . metal detector and related industry equipment manufacture .
We produce and customized various kinds of hand held needle detector.table needle detector . Conveyor belt needle detector . Conveyor belt metal detector and so on related Equipment . Mainly of our needle detector market are in Vietnam.Indonesia.Myanmar. Canada .USA . Spain and Mexico
Especially in the Year of 2015 .Vfinder series needle detector been recommend by Mexico Walmart as a audit equipment.It is a necessary equipment for all Walmart Textile.Garment .Shoes supplier .
Vfinder Stream-line type needle detector mainly used for shoes industry .Especially for slipper. Sports shoes
It was mainly used for detect uppers,accessories,sport shoes,insoles,sole,arch and so in-stream line,support which contain magnetic metal impurities
The detecting ability is more strong and detection is more reliable by adopting the auto-compensation high-precision,so that there is non-blind area in the detecting area.The loop strong magnetic design make the anti-jamming ability is stronger than before.
*The digital monitor,can show passing number,not qualified number and total number.
When the needle detector doesn’t detect the garments for some time,it will be stopped working by the auto energy-saving technology.
*Detecting the garments from X axis to Y axis by the use of LED broken needle position indicateor,to identify the position for the broken needle.
*The protective device against side running of conveyor belt,makes the conveyor belt not leave the normal track.
*Be equipped with intelligent starting device avoid pressing start switch frequently,so that prolong the life of machine.
*Making the operation more noemalized by the fail-safe of improper operation.
*Machine is inspected by professional detecting software,so that makes detection more stable and more reliable.

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Detecting methodMagnetic induction
Detecting width500mm
Detecting height160mm
Detecting abilityFe 1.5mm iron ball
Alarm methodBuzzer
Belt speed(Appr.)40m/min
Power supplyAC220V,50Hz or AC110V 60Hz
Rated output90W
OptionAlarm lamp,printer,administration authority