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Large Tunnel Baggage Scanner Machine , Mail / Cargo X Ray Screening Machine

Product Details

Place of Origin: CHINA

Brand Name: SHANAN

Certification: CE, ISO

Model Number: VX100100Dual

Payment & Shipping Terms

Minimum Order Quantity: 1 set

Price: negotiation

Packaging Details: Box

Delivery Time: 15work days

Payment Terms: T/T

Supply Ability: 100 set/month

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luggage x ray machine


luggage scanning machine

Tunnel Size:
Carton And Luggage Inspection
Explosive Threat Alert:
X Ray Penetration:
40mm Stailness Steel
38 AWG/40 AWG
Operation Table:
Black And Colorful
Anode Voltag:
Conveyor Speed:
Generator Direction:
From Up To Down
Tunnel Size:
Carton And Luggage Inspection
Explosive Threat Alert:
X Ray Penetration:
40mm Stailness Steel
38 AWG/40 AWG
Operation Table:
Black And Colorful
Anode Voltag:
Conveyor Speed:
Generator Direction:
From Up To Down
Large Tunnel Baggage Scanner Machine , Mail / Cargo X Ray Screening Machine

Mail and cargo screening x ray luggage scanner machine with large tunnel








The X-ray screening system specified herein is designed to prohibit the introduction of contraband materials, weapons, explosives, dangerous articles, substances & devices in baggage /package type objects. The proposed system to be covered by these specifications, will allow security personnel to examine baggage, packages and freight to ensure that no contraband materials, weapons, explosive, dangerous articles, substances & devices are being transported into a security restreicted area/Aircraft.





  • The Tunnel size:

1400-17mm (width) x 1600-1900mm (height)

  • System width <2,820mm
  • System length <7,788mm
  • System height<3,321mm
  • Conveyor height <285mm


  • The system should be mounted on heavy-duty castors for ease of movement
  • Wire resolution: Should be capable of imaging in each direction an un-insulated solid copper wire of 36 American Wire Gauge (AWG) / 40 Standard Wire Gauge (SWG) or better.
  • Steel Penetration: Should be capable of imaging minimum of 28mm steel penetrations.
  • Conveyor Speed: 0.20m/s ± 10% in either direction (provisions to adjust the conveyor speed by operator is preferable)
  • Conveyor load> 3,000kg even distributed at 220V
  • Conveyor Motor: Should be maintenance free (the type of motor used. e.g. sealed drum etc)
  • Conveyor Type: Heavy duty steel power assisted running rollers.
  • Display: Two/more Numbers of 24 inch TFT/LCD/LED Monitors (Resolution 1024 x 768 or more)
  • Network Connection: Provision to connect the machine to standard LAN is preferable and supplier should state the availability.
  • Power: 230V ± 20V, AC, 50/60 Hz
  • In case of sudden power failure, the system should resume function automatically without any necessary initialisation


X-Ray System Computer

  • The computers and OS should be freely available for easy maintenance/replacement.
  • System should be supplied with preloaded operating software and relevant applaications. Copy of required software/s should be provided on a CD/DVD separately (e.g. operating system, proprietary software name & version)


X-Ray Generators

  • System should support two individual independent X-Ray generators, each (H-V) with the following specifications:
  • Cooling: Sealed oil bath with forced air
  • Protection: Protection against Over Voltage/power surge / Over Temperature should be available. Protection system should cover entire installation including equipment. X-Ray generators, power supply equipment, Computer systems, terminal equipment etc.


Detection System

  • Multi Energy (2 detector arrays: high and low energy) – for each view (Dual)
  • Detector array: L-shaped


Image Performance

  • Zoom: System shall be capable of operating zoom on scrolling image to 8X or more in static mode
  • Contrast Adjustment: System shall be capable of performing adaptive contrast adjustment on scrolling image.
  • Organ/Inorganic Disrimination: System shall be capable of discriminating between Organic and Inorganic materials.
  • The x-ray beam divergence should be such that the complete image of maximum size of bag is displayed without corner cuts.
  • If the machine fails to penetrate a particular item, then an alarm (visual & audio both) should be generated to notify the operator, until the alarm is cleared manually.
  • Machine should be capable of recalling and retrieving of minimum of 05 or more previous images.


Image Processing

  • System shall combine all images processing (i.e. Black and White, Variable Gamma, Inorganic, Organic) with the image optimization feature. This functionality will allow the operator to display the optimum contrast and highest detail resolution for all materials and densities. This functionality shall be available without having to re-program the keys. All software features should be able to control using the keyboard of the machine only. Keyboard function should be user friendly to enable/disable the software features, without having to reboot the system.


  • System should be capable of single button access to image processing. The machine should have features of multi energy X-Ray imaging facility where materials of different atomic number will be displayed in different colours to distinguish between organic and inorganic materials. With this method it should be possible to distinguish high-density organic materials including explosives. Machine should have variable colour or material stripping to facilitate the operator to monitor images of organic materials for closer scrutiny. All suspicious items (Explosives, High density materials, Narcotics) should be displayed real time in a single screen (should be displayed in different colours with alarm).
  • Availability of programmable hot keys for image processing is preferable.
  • System should be capable of archiving on compact disks (writable CD/Flash drive)
  • The machine should be so designed that software enhancement can be easily implemented to take care of new techniques in image processing and pattern recognition.

Large Tunnel Baggage Scanner Machine , Mail / Cargo X Ray Screening Machine 0

Image Archiving

  • System should include Manual Image Archiving and retrieving in proprietary, non-commercial or commercial format and should have the capability of archiving minimum of 4000 images.
  • System should include Automatic Image Archiving in proprietary, non-commercial format for increased security and provisions should be available for image saving in commercial formats.


Threat Detection

  • System should include operator assist High Density Threshold Alert.
  • System should include operator assist Explosive Threat Alert


Environmental Requirement

  • Storage temperature: 0:Celcius to 50:Celcius
  • Operating temperature :0: Celcius to 40:Celcius
  • Relative humidity: up to 95% non-condensing


Health and Safety

  • System shall comply with all applicable international health and safety regulations including USA FDA X-ray systems (Federal Standard 2.1-CFR 1020.40). Maximum leakage radiation less than 0.1mR/hr(1µSv/hr) in contact with outer panels. Radiation leakage shall be measured with a scatter block device in the path of the x-ray beam.
  • System should be provided with emergency stop buttons.
  • System should be provided with system Energized and X-Ray on indicators at both ends of the X-Ray tunnel and on the operator workstation.
  • System should have safety interlock system to prevent X-Ray generation in the event of a critical panel removal.
  • System shall be CE, UL, FCC& IEC compliant. Cerificates should be attached with the technical specifications documents.
  • System shall be manufactured in an ISO 9001:2000 certified facility and cerification in that regard should be provided with the technical specifications documents.
  • Lead impregnated safety screens should be available at either ends of tunnel. Idle rollers to be provided at either ends of the tunnel to facilitate placing of baggage at the input and output points.
  • The machine should be film safe. In other words photograph films muct not be damaged due to X-Ray examination.


Required Mandatory Certificates and Facilities


  • System should be TSA and DFT certified including the Threat Image Projection (TIP). Certificates should be provided along with the technical specification documents.
  • System should place aborted TIP images back into TIP queue. Aborted TIP images should not be presented in next scanned object.
  • System should be incorporated with an operator training program.
  • System should support English language.


Additional Hardware

  • Standard conveyor extension should be provided (details should be provided)
  • System should include lockable monitor box.
  • System should include a Power Conditioner/UPS. Voltage range should withstand 170 – 260V AC 50/60 Hz

Large Tunnel Baggage Scanner Machine , Mail / Cargo X Ray Screening Machine 1

Other Accessories

  • System should include built-in operator and maintenance manuals. Also two copies each of operator and maintenance manuals to be supplied in printed form. All Manuals (Soft/printed) to be supplied in English language. Further, maintenance Manual should include preventive / routine maintenance procedures.
  • System should support a moveable operator with minimum 5m cable.
  • Approved Test Kits to be supplied
  • Availability of Anti-rodent and dust proof cover will be an added advantage.



Operator Controls & Display

  • Provision should be available for the following and for all controls required for image processing facilities mentioned above.
  • Equipment On/Off
  • X-Ray On/Off
  • Conveyor On/Off
  • Conveyor Forward/Reverse
  • Emergency Stop


  • Provision should be available for display of all important information of the system to be monitored by the operator including the following:
  • X-Ray On
  • X-Ray On hours
  • Number of inspections
  • System Alarms and Alert signaling for all system errors
  • Operator identification/Log on/Log off


  • Rigid roller beds of length approximately one (01) meter should be attached on either side (front & back) of the conveyor belt to facilitate smooth loading and unloading of baggage/cargo.
  • Conveyor should have forward and reverse capabilities and preferably driven by two (02) motors for loads stipulated.
  • The operation of the system should guarantee no-interference with the other electronic equipment operating in close vicinity and vice versa.

Large Tunnel Baggage Scanner Machine , Mail / Cargo X Ray Screening Machine 2

Warranty and Level of Service Support


The complete x-ray system should be guaranteed for a minimum period of two (02) years from the date of successful commissioning of equipment.


Service Level Agreement (SLA)

X-Ray Generators: X-Ray generators should carry a minimum of five year warranty and how the generator will be replaced (if required)

Extended Warranty

The maximum down time for an unserviceable module/component which is under warranty should be highly considered during procurement and availability of spares should seriously be looked into for a reasonable MTBF

A detailed list of recommended spares up to component level with the manufacturer’s Part Numbers and current prices should also be provided.



Training is prerequisite for prolonging of the system’s life span.


Test Equipment

It is imperative to comply with ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organisation) requirements; the ICAO accepted Test Piece set suitable for testing should be procured.

The test equipment should be capable of measuring the following standard tests as per the ICAO security manual sheet.

  • Single wire Resolution.
  • Useful penetration
  • Material Discrimination
  • Simple Penetration
  • Spatial Resolution
  • Thin Metal Imaging

Other standard test equipment such as X-Ray intensity meter (Radiation Intensity Measuring) should be supplied


Large Tunnel Baggage Scanner Machine , Mail / Cargo X Ray Screening Machine 3